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What Is Stablecoin Interest Rate?

What Is Stablecoin Interest Rate

As cryptocurrency gains more mainstream adoption, innovative ways to earn income from digital assets are emerging. One such opportunity is stablecoin interest rates—the ability to earn interest by holding certain cryptocurrencies pegged to the value of traditional currencies like the US dollar or euro.

In this article, we'll explore what a stablecoin interest rate is, how it works, why rates are so high, and which platforms offer the highest returns with the lowest risk. By the end, you'll have a solid understanding of this unique passive income stream in the growing digital economy. Let’s start!

How do stablecoins pay interest?

There are a few ways stablecoins pay interest for users. Crypto lending platforms allow users to deposit stablecoins and lend those funds out to borrowers, usually institutional investors. Depositors receive a portion of the interest earned on these loans.

Other platforms generate income by lending funds to prime brokerage clients or large exchanges. Decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols also offer stablecoin interest. They pool funds from liquidity providers on automated, non-custodial smart contracts.

Borrowers use the funds to provide services like flash crypto loans. Liquidity providers charge transaction fees in exchange for their deposited assets. To learn more about borrowing and lending, make sure to check out “What Is Cryptocurrency Lending or Borrowing?”.

Why is interest in stablecoin so high?

While interest rates on traditional savings accounts hover around 4% APY in crypto or less, stablecoin interest rates routinely sit in the 8–14% range or higher.

There are a few key reasons for this:

Higher risk profile

Cryptocurrencies are still considered highly speculative and volatile investments compared to government-backed currencies. The higher yields compensate depositors for taking on more risk.

Market size

At around $180 billion and more in total, the stablecoin market is still relatively small and growing rapidly. To meet demand and fuel expansion, platforms require large stockpiles of stable assets from depositors, so they pay higher rates to attract funds.


With over a dozen major stablecoin lending platforms, competition for depositors is fierce. Higher interest allows platforms to stay competitive and fund their own growth. Newer platforms sometimes offer promotional 14%+ rates.

Utility of funds

Rather than sitting idle, deposited stablecoins actively generate yield through crypto lending and other activities, such as providing stablecoin liquidity on exchanges. Platforms keep a portion of these profits and pass the rest to users as interest payments.

As in traditional finance, stablecoin interest rates tend to adjust based on market conditions. Rates may decline if demand or competition changes in the future, but they are likely to remain well above standard bank rates for the near future.

stablecoin interest rate

Is stablecoin interest a good investment?

When done wisely, lending stablecoins can be an excellent, low-risk way to grow wealth over time. Earning 8–14% risk-free vastly outpaces inflation and traditional savings accounts. However, this type of investing comes with risks that require careful consideration, such as:

  • If the crypto lending platform malfunctions or experiences a hack, there is a risk to the counterparty. Use only secure, audited, top-level centralized or decentralized services.
  • Decentralized protocols pose a smart contract risk. Code bugs could cause losses, so diversify lending among many proven projects.
  • Regulatory uncertainty. It is still unknown how stablecoin rules may change and impact different coins. Choose Cryptobunq, a proficient one-stop shop for crypto service provider, to ensure regulatory safety.

Aggressive profiles could combine stable yields with riskier but higher-potential altcoin holdings. Stablecoin interest opens the door to a variety of lower-risk wealth growth approaches.

'Set and forget' stablecoin strategies on insured platforms such as Cryptobunq provide an interesting income play for conservative investors. Cryptobunq is a secure crypto service platform that you can trust for your variety of crypto and blockchain needs, including stablecoins.

You can also benefit from CBQ's crypto exchange API, crypto checkout and invoicing, batch crypto payments, tokenization, and more. By integrating CBQ solutions into your business and projects, you can experience a sense of trust and professionalism in the realm of digital finance shaped by blockchain.

How do you earn interest on stablecoins?

Here are some of the best ways to start earning interest on your stablecoin holdings today:

  • Deposit into money market funds on decentralized protocols, which automatically pool and lend your crypto tokens to earn a yield. Rates tend to be lower, but there's no counterparty.
  • Earn interest by staking stablecoins on crypto exchanges, which pass on rates from their lending operations. This option has lower risk than direct crypto lending.
  • Consider yield farming, which involves providing liquidity to automated market-maker pools. You earn trading fees, but rates fluctuate more, and the risks are higher. Best for experienced DeFi users.

Always conduct thorough research on rates, risks, and lockup periods. When done diligently, stablecoin lending presents a straightforward way to generate steady crypto income with a mitigated downside.

In 2024, what cryptocurrencies will offer high interest on stablecoins?

Looking ahead to this year, these look set to deliver generous returns on supported stablecoins:

  • USDC is currently one of the most preferred stablecoins, paying up to 14% on USDC deposits.
  • As the largest decentralized stablecoin, DAI's integrated lending opportunities may proliferate across Ethereum and other chains. Additionally, DAI currently yields over 4% on MakerDAO's own platform.
  • EURK is a euro stablecoin that offers many benefits for its users in terms of payments and transactions. It's one of the best euro stablecoins on the market today.

Stablecoins integrated with large platforms and those building active on-chain ecosystems seem best positioned to generate high, transparent yields going forward through various lending opportunities. In 2024, EURK aims to power a new wave of reliable euro-native decentralized applications.

stablecoin interest rates

What is the safest stablecoin interest rate?

When it comes to the safest stablecoin interest rate, experts generally agree that regulated and transparent options with a history of responsible operations carry the least risk.

The highest yields do not always equate to the greatest security. Top choices for stable and steady income include depositing USDC on regulated crypto lending platforms.

You can also stake the euro-pegged stablecoin EURK on a leading crypto service provider, Cryptobunq, which provides transparency and security.

The given examples are among the largest players, with strong transparency and oversight that minimize counterparty risks often associated with decentralized yield farming platforms. If you want to explore CBQ and its solutions in detail, make sure to check out our case studies!

The bottom line

For 2024 and beyond, steady stablecoin interest rate income appears to be easily achievable, either directly from lending platforms well integrated with Cryptobunq services or indirectly through lower-risk investment vehicles.

When used constructively, stablecoins can deliver reliable yields without taking on crypto's typical price changes. Stablecoin lending, with careful platform and coin selection and a long-term mindset, provides a straightforward route to gradually growing holdings while weathering market turbulence.

By diversifying across insured providers, stablecoin yields may soon rival even the best traditional savings accounts with much less hassle. If you want to explore stablecoins with a secure partner to avoid negative consequences, Cryptobunq is your expert partner.

Contact us today and integrate our blockchain solutions, which range from custody and wallet to node as a service, into your projects for fundamental growth and security in the world of blockchain technology. Get started now!

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