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Euro Stablecoin Guide for Beginners

Euro Stablecoin Guide for Beginners

Stablecoins offer many advantages, and we have a detailed euro stablecoin guide for beginners. Euro stablecoins are a type of cryptocurrency that aims to keep a stable price relative to a real-world asset or fiat currency such as the US dollar, Euro, or commodity like gold.

The role of stablecoins is to provide stability and minimize the volatility that is normally associated with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Stablecoins help stabilize the price by having reserves of fiat money, commodities, or other crypto assets to support their value.

Join us in this guide as we explore stablecoins, their benefits, types, and more, along with the euro stablecoin and one of the safest stablecoins, EURK, and its advantages that can benefit your individual and business needs!

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins tie the price development of their value to another, and become a more stable asset. For instance, a stablecoin keeps its cryptocurrency exchange rate with the US dollar at 1:1, ensuring that each token has an equivalent amount of fiss money in a bank account.

Similarly, EURK, one of the leading euro stablecoins, keeps a 1:1 price peg with the euro. Having reserves both in Switzerland and the Dominican Republic, EURK has the power of a stablecoin for high liquidity, transparency, and security. EURK is issued and audited by one-stop shop crypto service provider CBQ.

What are the benefits of stablecoins?

Stablecoins have grown rapidly in popularity due to several advantages they provide over traditional fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies.

Here are the benefits of stablecoins:

Price stability

Stablecoins aim to keep their value steady relative to another asset like the US dollar or euro, avoiding high volatility. This makes them useful for crypto payments, remittances, and storing value.


Stablecoins can be used like other digital assets and sent anywhere globally with near-instant transactions at very low costs. This has benefits for on-chain transactions, lending, and borrowing in decentralized finance (DeFi).

Currency hedging

For Europeans, stablecoins offer an innovative way to hedge currency risk. Holding euro stablecoins protects consumer value from EUR/USD exchange rate volatility. If you want to preserve your crypto investments and reduce crypto exchange risks, it is a good idea to invest in stablecoins like EURK.


Cryptocurrency exchanges and DeFi protocols offer attractive interest rates for depositing stablecoins. This allows users to earn passive income on stablecoin holdings. Some DeFi platforms allow users to easily buy EURK and deposit their holdings to earn attractive yields of around 5-6% APY.

Banking the unbanked

Approximately 1.7 billion adults globally remain unbanked due to a lack of necessary documents or bank branches in remote areas. Stablecoins can potentially help provide financial inclusion to such underserved communities. You can check “stablecoins vs fiat currencies” for further comparison.

euro stablecoin guide

What are the types of stablecoins?

There are three main types of stablecoins:

Fiat-backed stablecoins

These stablecoins are backed 1:1 with reserves of fiat currencies like the US dollar or euro held in bank accounts. For instance, EURK stablecoin.

Cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins

Instead of fiat money, cryptocurrency-backed stablecoins are over-collateralized with crypto assets like Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Algorithmic stablecoins

These stablecoins rely on algorithmic supply adjustments to maintain price stability rather than holding reserves.

What is the euro stablecoin?

The eur stablecoin refers to any digital currency that aims to maintain a stable exchange rate with the euro. EURK is backed 1:1 with euro reserves held by trusted bank reserves, making it one of the most transparent and regulated euro stablecoins available.

EURK has emerged as the current market leader in terms of crypto trading volumes, with the highest level of transparency and regulatory approvals. As the Eurozone's economy and trade continue to expand, demand for euro-backed stablecoins is expected to rise steadily.

Why should you choose the euro stablecoin?

There are several advantages to opting for a euro stablecoin like EURK over other alternatives.

Here are the key points to choose euro stablecoin:

Currency hedging

Holding euro stablecoins helps protect consumer value from EUR/USD exchange rate volatility, which can fluctuate by over 10% annually on average. This is a major risk for Europeans.

Bank alternative

Approximately 10 million Europeans remain unbanked or underbanked. Euro stablecoins provide a novel way to access financial services through exchanges and DeFi lending protocols.

Interest revenue

Unlike holding fiat money in bank accounts charging negative interest rates, platforms offer 5–10% APY on Euro stablecoin deposits.

Payments and remittances

Cross-border payments in euros can be sent nearly instantly at minimal fees using euro stablecoins, benefiting international trade and families with members abroad. You can also easily make global payments, e-commerce payments, batch payment crypto, and more!

A compliant and safe option

Compared to alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are prone to high volatility, regulated euro stablecoins combine stability with security features like deposit insurance and regular audits.

As such, euro stablecoins are emerging as an attractive complement to traditional banking and a compelling savings instrument for ordinary consumers and businesses in the Eurozone.

For Europeans looking to gain exposure to cryptocurrency, stable-value assets like EURK are far safer options to consider compared to more speculative virtual currencies.

What is the safest euro stablecoin?

When it comes to choosing the safest euro stablecoin, EURK stands out as a top choice due to several factors.

Here are the reasons why:

Full collateralization

EURK is fully backed by reserves of Euros held in insured bank accounts, providing the highest level of assurance.


EURK issuer Cryptobunq publishes monthly reserve confirmations from top auditing firms. This results in maximum transparency.


As a regulated stablecoin, EURK meets regulatory and compliance guidelines laid out by European authorities better than decentralized options.

Market liquidity

EURK is more liquid and widely traded compared to smaller euro stablecoins, benefiting from Paxos' strong balance sheet and reputation. You can check “liquidity in stablecoins” for more information.

Interest opportunity

Popular DeFi protocols offer attractive yields of around 5-6% on EURK deposits, taking advantage of their safety.

People around the world seeking regulated stablecoins with the least risk, EURK stablecoin stands out from the crowd as the top euro stablecoin choice due to its combination of collateral backing, transparency, and established brand reputation.

eur stablecoin for beginners

How do you buy EURK with Cryptobunq?

Buying EURK is simple with Cryptobunq's intuitive platform. Here are the basic steps:

  • Create a Cryptobunq account and pass KYC checks. This just takes a few minutes.
  • Decide how much euro value you want to convert to EURK stablecoins. You'll need to deposit this amount in euros.
  • Transfer funds to Cryptobunq from your bank account. You can directly deposit via SEPA or bank wire.
  • On the Cryptobunq dashboard, search and select 'EURK' as your purchase currency.
  • Review limits, click confirm, and your euros will be automatically converted to EURK stablecoins.
  • Access your EURK balance and start using it across supported DeFi protocols with a single sign-on from Cryptobunq.
  • To earn interest, you can deposit your EURK balance into savings accounts starting at 5% APY with daily compounding.

As a regulated crypto-friendly digital bank, Cryptobunq allows easy access to eur stablecoins without worrying about storage or compliance. Begin saving and investing in EURK stablecoin with the security of regulated financial backing and one-stop shop crypto service provider Cryptobunq.


With the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance, stablecoins have emerged as an important innovation, providing stability, accessibility, and interest accumulation benefits to users.

Among stablecoins, euro stablecoins like EURK are gaining mainstream appeal, especially for Europeans looking to leverage crypto safely. As stated earlier, EURK is the leading Euro stablecoin due to its gold standard of full collateralization, transparency, and regulatory oversight by financial authorities.

When used responsibly through platforms like Cryptobunq, which offers a suite of crypto services under one roof, stablecoins can empower people by providing low-cost borderless payments, credit access, and opportunities to earn a yield on savings, serving those with and without existing bank accounts.

If you're keen to start benefiting from euro-based stablecoins as part of your financial toolkit, create a Cryptobunq account today. With just a few clicks, you'll be able to buy and sell EURK, earn interest on your holdings, and make daily crypto payments worldwide through Cryptobunq's simple interface.

Remember, CBQ is a one-stop-shop crypto service provider, so get started tapping into the advantages of the euro stablecoin universe with one of the best regulated on-ramps available. Contact us right away for our expert solutions and services!

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