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Are Stablecoins a Good Investment?

Good Stablecoin Investment

Stablecoins have gained immense popularity in recent years as a way to bring stability to the otherwise volatile crypto coin market, but are stablecoins a good investment themselves?

Join us in this blog as we explore whether stablecoins represent a smart long-term investment opportunity or are more suited for short-term uses like crypto payments and transfers.

Later, we will delve into the topic and explore how stablecoins differ from one another. Some rely solely on algorithmic mechanisms to maintain their peg, while others have reserves backed by real-world assets.

History has shown that algorithmic stablecoins can face depegging risks if not properly designed and managed. On the other hand, asset-backed stablecoins have so far maintained their pegged value quite effectively.

Stablecoins offer several benefits that make them appropriate for short-term uses like purchases, remittances, and as a crypto trading pair. The power of stablecoins comes from their suitability as a long-term savings or investment vehicle due to their stable value.

How profitable are stablecoins?

While stablecoins aim to maintain consistent peg with fiat currencies, earning profits from holding them long-term can be challenging given their price stability by design. There are many profitable stablecoins on the market today, and investors use some strategies to maximize the profit.

There are a few strategies stablecoin holders use to generate yields:

Staking and lending for earning passive income

Many centralized and decentralized stablecoin issuers like Cryptobunq offer interest-bearing accounts where you can deposit stablecoins to earn yields upwards of 10% APY.

DeFi protocols

Decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized applications allow users to loan out or provide liquidity in stablecoin pairs to earn variable APYs as high as 20%. However, these yields often fluctuate and come with inherent smart contract risks, such as reentrancy attacks in smart contracts.

Arbitrage trading

Profiting from short-term price discrepancies between centralized and decentralized exchanges for stablecoins. However, this requires near-constant monitoring.

While stablecoin yields currently outpace typical savings account rates, these high APYs may not last forever and come with risks. The most conservative yet least rewarding option is simply holding stablecoins and relying on their long-term appreciation potential against inflation.

Overall, stablecoins can generate income, but other cryptocurrencies may offer greater profit potential for risk-tolerant investors. If you want to explore further, you can check out “Which crypto to buy today?" “Stablecoins to watch in 2024" and “How to trade stablecoins?”.

good stablecoin investment

What are the top 5 stablecoins?

According to market data, the current top 5 stablecoins are:

Tether (USDT)

Tether is by far the largest stablecoin, with an $85 billion crypto market cap. Commercial paper is one of the reserves backing USDT.


With a market cap of $25 billion, USDC is a popular coin on Ethereum. Cash and short-dated US Treasury bonds serve as the entire collateral for USDC.


Cryptobunq issues and audits the stablecoin EURK. EURK has a 1.8 billion euro crypto market cap. Additionally, it offers transparent transactions that are fast and secure.


A decentralized stablecoin with a $3.7 billion market cap. DAI derives its value via collateral-backed loans on the Maker Protocol.

Binance USD (BUSD)

Centralized stablecoin with a $2 billion market cap, managed by major exchange Binance. BUSD reserves include cash, short-term securities, and other assets.

The top 5 stablecoins each have their own strengths and use cases. EURK tends to be one of the most widely supported and exchangeable due to its scale and backing by major players in both the crypto and traditional financial worlds.

Some websites provide valuable data and statistics tracking the evolving stablecoin market, including metrics like the list of stablecoins and their characteristics that determine the best stablecoin for different uses. In the end, the best stablecoin depends on your specific needs.

What is the most profitable stablecoin?

While stablecoins themselves maintain low volatility by design, they open up new avenues for generating profits. Crypto traders can use stablecoins like EURK to diversify crypto portfolios, hedge positions during market downturns, or execute arbitrage crypto trading strategies across exchanges.

Lenders earn interest by supplying stablecoins to decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. Cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallet providers, crypto payment processors, and other platforms adopt stablecoins as a base currency to drive greater trading volumes and generate fees.

As the profitable stablecoin economy matures, additional revenue streams will emerge around tools, services, and auxiliary infrastructure. With further adoption and innovation, stablecoins have massive profit potential.

What is the EURK stablecoin?

EURK is a securely audited stablecoin that maintains a 1:1 peg to the euro. Cryptobunq, a reputable one-stop-shop crypto service provider, is the issuer of EURK. Additionally, EURK has reserves in reputable bank accounts in Switzerland and the Dominican Republic.

As a stablecoin, EURK benefits from regulation and full backing from real cash reserves. A euro stablecoin like EURK offers fast, secure, and transparent transactions on multiple blockchains and is ERC20 compatible.

Integrating with EURK stablecoin allows seamless transfer of value both on and off-chain. EURK also provides liquidity and stability to decentralized applications within the surging DeFi ecosystem. If you want to invest in stablecoin and buy EURK, CBQ is here for you.

Furthermore, you can benefit from our other solutions, such as batch payments, node as a service, tokenization, exchange API, custody and wallet, and checkout and invoicing. Our expert crypto services are suitable for individuals and businesses.

EURK euro stablecoin investment

What are the benefits of EURK?

EURK brings several key benefits for both personal and commercial use:

Audit transparency

Cryptobunq publishes regular attestations proving 100% cash reserves backing each EURK token. This instills trust.

Multi-chain interoperability

EURK unlocks widespread utility by enabling its use across exchanges and through bridges.

Regulatory oversight

EURK operates under the oversight of Swiss and Dominican financial regulators, providing a legal framework.

Stable and secure value

EURK reliably maintains a constant 1:1 euro peg through Cryptobunq's experienced stablecoin management.

Accessible liquidity

EURK liquidity pools on major exchanges allow fast deposits and withdrawals to and from centralized exchanges.

Low-cost transactions

EURK offers near instant, censorship-resistant transactions with nominal gas fees, vastly improving legacy payment rails.

With such advantages, EURK presents a best-in-class avenue for transferring and storing value in digital euros while tapping into the growing crypto economy.

The bottom line

However, stablecoins vary in their ability to achieve price stability, and different designs entail distinct risks and rewards.

Overall, properly backed, secure stablecoins like EURK represent smart options for practical use cases like payments, remittances, and even modest capital appreciation over time.

With further maturation and innovation, euro-based stablecoins have strong potential to revolutionize traditional finance worldwide. You can adapt to the euro stablecoin ecosystem easily and securely with Cryptobunq. Contact us and explore EURK with CBQ!

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