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What Is an Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

Initial Game Offering IGO

The blockchain gaming ecosystem has seen tremendous growth in recent years, especially with initial game offering (IGO), carving out a large niche within the broader crypto world.

As a new form of play-to-earn gaming anchored on technologies like NFTs has captured the imagination of players around the globe, innovative funding models have emerged to fuel further expansion.

One such mode, the initial game offering, or IGO, is opening doors for ambitious development teams while rewarding early investors. Let's take a closer look at what IGOs are, how they work, and why this area is brimming with potential!

What is the meaning of IGO in crypto?

In crypto, IGO stands for initial game offering. It refers to a crowdfunding method where game developers sell in-game tokens or assets to the public in the early stages of a project. This allows them to raise funds for development while also building a dedicated community of initial investors.

Those who participate in an IGO can benefit from exclusive access to special in-game bonuses before the general launch. IGO tokens also offer potential for price appreciation should the game prove popular. IGOs let developers bootstrap new blockchain titles through community support.

How does an IGO work?

IGOs generally function via dedicated IGO launchpad platforms that host new gaming projects. Interested participants purchase the native crypto tokens of these launchpads to gain access to IGO allocations.

For instance, investors on Gamestarter must hold and stake game tokens to bid on available offerings. Successful bidders receive allocations of the IGO project's founding tokens in return.

Once released, players can use them directly in the game or trade them. Key aspects, like guaranteed allocation percentages, vary between individual launchpads and initial game offerings.


While both IGO and ICO terms refer to a project's initial crowdfunding, IGOs are specific to gaming ventures, while initial coin offerings generally apply to any blockchain startup raising capital.

A major advantage of IGO over ICO is that instead of only receiving a digital token, investors obtain tangible products like character skins or weaponry they can benefit from within the game itself.


Initial DEX offerings (IDO) involve launching token sales directly on decentralized exchanges. However, IGOs focus specifically on funding game development and providing unique in-game utilities tailored for that title.

Unlike IDOs, which may accept any project type, initial game-offering launchpads conduct rigorous due diligence on candidates to ensure quality.

What is the initial game offering launchpad?

The IGO launchpad acts as a central hub for hosting new gaming projects seeking funding. Platforms like Gamestarter, TokenTrove, and Galaxy Fight Club evaluate submissions and feature qualified initiatives seeking crowdfunding.

Holding the launchpad's native token grants access to participate in these IGOs. Beyond allocation, perks may include access to exclusive token sales, yield farming rewards, and community forums. Top launchpads attract quality teams and build reputations, guaranteeing future project success.


How does an IGO launchpad function?

Most IGO launchpads require token holders to stake a set number of their coins to qualify for IGO chances. For example, Gamestarter asks stakeholders to lock up a minimum of 1,000 game tokens.

Depending on the amount staked, users may receive more allocation "slots" across different funding rounds. Users can add tokens from the launching game to their existing portfolios after successful allocations.

The home platform takes a small cut of the initial game offering sales as well. Launchpads streamline the finding process for both developers and players.

Benefits of an IGO

A few key benefits that draw teams to IGOs include guaranteed funding, refined oversight, and engaging early communities. By crowdsourcing initial budgets, developers gain resources to expand game visions. Similarly, players investing in promising concepts stand to profit should those titles succeed.

The structured nature of IGO launchpads also helps filter strong projects from weak ones, a benefit that gives confidence to participants. Established launchpads further foster dedicated player bases eager to support featured initiatives.

Drawbacks of an IGO

While promising ample rewards, IGOs remain somewhat uncertain ventures until a game's full launch. Development roadmaps can change, or teams can potentially fail to deliver. There is equally no guarantee that tokens will appreciate greatly in value either.

The all-or-nothing nature of funding rounds additionally leaves no middle ground—projects walk away with full budgets or nothing. IGOs demand due diligence in comparing team track records and game plans to reasonably evaluate risk.

The rise of IGOs in the blockchain gaming ecosystem

Blockchain games like Axie Infinity have proven the power of "play-to-earn" models that have rewarded millions of players worldwide. This success is attracting ever more development studios to the burgeoning sector.

IGOs offer an ideal way for these startups to crowdfund creative concepts and leverage community feedback to develop compelling titles. Leaders in the gaming IGO space are also making the process more secure and mainstream-friendly.

As a result, IGOs have emerged at the forefront of Web3 gaming innovation. With robust editorial and technical standards continuing to take shape across launch platforms, initial game offerings show strong potential to push the entire industry forward into new frontiers.

initial game offering

The advantages of investing in IGOs

IGOs offer several key advantages that make them compelling investment opportunities:

Exclusive access

Getting in early via an IGO provides unique items, skins, or other benefits unavailable to later players. This adds scarcity value.

High growth potential

If a funded game takes off, its native tokens could appreciate significantly from IGO prices. Projects like Axie Infinity produced handsome returns.

Networking opportunities

Active IGO launchpad communities allow learning about new, promising games. This leads to potential alpha on future investments.

Loyalty rewards

Top IGO investors may qualify for special perks like early access to new project information or partnership incentives from developers.

Of course, risks also exist. Not all crypto games succeed. Doing proper due diligence on development teams remains paramount to risk management.

Key considerations for participating in an IGO

Before taking part in any IGO, prudent investors consider factors like:

  • Track record of the developing studio and its team expertise.
  • Game monetization strategy and competitive landscape.
  • Token allocation structure and unlock schedule over time.
  • The project's roadmap and ability to meet proposed milestones.
  • IGO launchpad reputation, success rates, and holder benefits terms.
  • Verifying token utility and the long-term driver of demand.

While early rewards appeal, carefully weighing these points helps screen worthwhile opportunities from riskier propositions and reasonably manage investment outcomes over the long run.

The future of IGOs in the crypto world

As the crypto gaming industry matures, the future of IGOs seems poised to continue innovating how development studios launch new projects. We may see platform standardization bring useful rating systems to assess project viability.

“IGO 2.0” iterations could integrate democratic governance models, allowing community input on roadmaps. Rising platforms now experiment with options like guaranteed allocations and yield farming incentives. Security also stands to strengthen as regulation clarifies.

The future looks bright for this burgeoning sector, which will drive further growth across the rich blockchain ecosystem. Early supporters stand to share in the rewards as new worlds emerge.

The bottom line

The blooming crypto gaming landscape has opened creative avenues for innovative funding. Initial game offerings provide structure, raising budgets while engaging dedicated communities. Top platform offerings continue to establish industry standards.

With untapped demand across the globe and evolution ongoing, opportunities in this area appear plentiful. Staying informed on new developments and supporting quality ventures could present rewarding prospects for risk-conscious investors.

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