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What Is Blockchain as a Service?

Blockchain as a Service BaaS

Blockchain technology has revolutionized how various industries operate by enabling trustless transactions without intermediaries with solutions such as Blockchain as Service.

However, building blockchain applications from scratch requires extensive technical knowledge and resources, which many businesses lack. This is where Blockchain as a Service, or BaaS, comes in.

BaaS allows organizations to develop, host, and use blockchain applications without having to set up the underlying infrastructure themselves.

In simple terms, BaaS provides blockchain capabilities on demand, much like cloud computing. Let's take a deeper dive into understanding exactly what BaaS is and how it works. Join us in this blog as we explore more details about blockchain as a service!

How does blockchain as a service work?

Traditional blockchain development involves creating smart contracts, building blockchain nodes, integrating consensus mechanisms such as PoW and PoS, and more technical aspects from the ground up.

With BaaS, all of this is abstracted away into deployable exchange APIs, user interfaces, and other plug-and-play services. Customers can access these through APIs, web interfaces, or custom integrations specific to their needs without dealing with blockchain intricacies.

BaaS platforms maintain nodes, update the nodes with the latest version, manage security patches, and ensure the high availability of the network. Customers get to deploy and run decentralized applications (dApps) on these mature networks without any infrastructure setup.

They can also use the existing tooling and development frameworks instead of creating their own. Overall, BaaS simplifies and accelerates blockchain adoption, letting businesses focus on building innovative solutions without being crypto or coding experts.

Blockchain as a service providers like Cryptobunq have pre-built blockchain networks with capabilities for smart contracts, hosting full nodes, encryption services, crypto wallets, and developer tools.

CBQ is a one-stop-shop crypto service provider that enables businesses to integrate blockchain solutions into their mechanisms. From custody and wallet to node-as-a service solutions, CBQ offers diverse and expert crypto services. Therefore, CBQ is a reliable BaaS, WaaS, NaaS, and CaaS solution provider.

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What is an example of blockchain as a service (BaaS)?

Let's understand how BaaS works through an example. Supply chain management is an area ripe for blockchain disruption. A manufacturer making electronic gadgets sources components and parts from multiple global suppliers.

Currently, tracking orders across the complex supply web involves managing spreadsheets and paper-based documentation. This becomes costly and error-prone, with each participant maintaining separate records.

With BaaS, the manufacturer can deploy a seed node and blockchain network instance from a provider like Cryptobunq. Connected ecosystem partners, including logistics providers, auditors, and customs authorities, become participant nodes.

Each transaction, whether raw material procurement, shipping updates, or customs clearance, gets logged through the blockchain. Now all parties have access to a single source of truth, eliminating reconciliation hassles.

The manufacturer gets end-to-end supply chain visibility, while suppliers and vendors have control over verifying delivered goods. By using ready-made infrastructure and developer tools, the manufacturer was able to build the application in weeks instead of months of research and development.

As a blockchain as a service provider, Cryptobunq takes care of ongoing upgrades, security updates, and high-availability hosting. Such easy integration of blockchain brings value with minimal disruption compared to handling everything in-house.

What are the benefits of blockchain as a service?

Here are the top benefits of blockchain as a service:

Lower costs

BaaS relieves organizations of the costs involved with infrastructure setup, expansion, and upkeep. Issues of mission-critical software licensing, scalability, and capacity planning do not apply.

Since providers host solutions in the cloud, organizations save on expensive blockchain deployment models. BaaS also features affordable pay-as-you-go pricing and subscription models.

Faster deployment

Low-effort, streamlined deployment and integration help fast-track blockchain initiatives. Application, smart contract, and network setup can happen within days, weeks, or months. BaaS templates and frameworks let developers focus on building unique features instead of reinventing wheels.

Reduced technical overhead

Specialized BaaS providers like Cryptobunq deliver complete blockchain services with end-to-end accountability. Customers gain blockchain capabilities without hiring experts or retraining internal staff. Maintenance, debugging, security monitoring, and upgrades become the provider’s responsibilities.

Scalability and performance

BaaS infrastructure scales elastically to support increasing traffic or transactions. Central performance optimization avoids single points of failure. BaaS networks offer high throughput, faster transactions, and agility compared to private blockchains.

Security and compliance

Strong defenses, activity monitoring, and sandboxed environments allow BaaS applications to adhere to regulations. Providers handle issues like firewalls, encryption, patching vulnerabilities, backups, and disaster recovery for faultless operations.


With BaaS, organizations don't have to commit huge capital for uncertain blockchain piloting. Features can be tested and tweaked on standardized frameworks. Enterprises retain the freedom to switch or augment blockchain infrastructure based on evolving visions.

How do I use blockchain as a service?

To use BaaS, customers need to first pick a secure provider like Cryptobunq that matches their industry and budget needs. After completing the provider-mandated registration process, the next step involves connecting to the exposed API and SDK.

Developers then build decentralized applications, or smart contracts, with pre-existing tools and libraries. Cryptobunq provides a blockchain infrastructure with Ethereum and other smart contract networks.

Customers can create accounts, manage digital assets, administer multi-signature wallets, broadcast transactions, build dApps with middleware services, and accomplish other administrative operations through the exposed REST API.

Being a leading BaaS option, Cryptobunq also supports integration through an SDK in popular languages. Once applications are ready, they can be deployed for hosting on the provider's production infrastructure.

The BaaS partner seamlessly addresses ongoing requirements for monitoring, analysis, maintenance, and upgrades. Payments are on a consumption or subscription basis, depending on customer needs and plans. Overall, BaaS makes blockchain technology simple and affordable for all.

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Who offers blockchain as a service?

Key players offer integrated suites or standalone BaaS tools and middleware for common blockchain-oriented activities. Cryptobunq is a crypto-friendly digital bank offering various services in crypto and blockchain.

Cryptobunq offers wallets, API access for crypto exchanges, global payments, crypto batch payments, and many other capabilities through its robust BaaS platform. CBQ is a one-stop shop for all crypto needs; you can quickly integrate and start using the benefits of safe crypto access and management.

Why should you choose Cryptobunq?

Given the competitive landscape, businesses have multiple blockchain as a service option. However, some key aspects make Cryptobunq a preferred solution:

  • Heritage in Digital Assets: Cryptobunq is a pioneer in crypto, securing over $100 million in digital assets since 2012 with institutional-grade security.
  • Regulated Offerings: Acts as the qualified custodian for digital assets. Services are fully regulated and compliant with regulators.
  • Scalable Infrastructure: Large customers rely on the CBQ infrastructure to power blockchain initiatives. Cryptobunq scales to thousands of nodes and millions of transactions daily without downtime.
  • Flexible Wallets: In addition to core services, customers benefit from multi-signature wallets, password management, cold storage, and more.
  • API Accessibility: APIs are RESTful and accessible through SDKs in popular development languages like Java, JavaScript, and Python.
  • Prioritized Support: World-class global customer support is readily available by phone, email, or live chat seven days a week for any issues.
  • Vertical Interoperability: Our solutions integrate with top partners across finance, gaming, and other verticals to deliver seamless end-to-end blockchain experiences.

Cryptobunq stays ahead through years of learning curves while maintaining reliability, transparency, and institutional-grade protection demanded by regulated markets. It is a reputed partner of choice globally for BaaS.

The bottom line: BaaS makes blockchain plug-and-play

Blockchain as a service has emerged to accelerate adoption of this promising technology for applications across industries. By leveraging pre-configured networks and simplifying development workflows, BaaS frees businesses from infrastructure hassles to concentrate on innovation.

Industry leaders like Cryptobunq are at the forefront with fully managed cloud services, flexible service models, and dedicated global support. Organizations seeking the benefits of blockchain can gain a head start through BaaS to fast-track deployments with a minimum investment in resources and skills.

With the right partner, realizing the true potential of blockchain becomes a seamless reality. CBQ is a trustworthy expert in this regard. Contact us and explore our crypto services that can benefit your business for prospective growth!

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