Terms of use

Terms of use

Last Updated: 26 July 2023

JCS CH GmbH is a company incorporated according to Swiss law with legal seat in Zug, Switzerland (“Cryptobunq”). Cryptobunq is a service provider in the field of Digital Assets. Cryptobunq is a Swiss regulated financial intermediary and subject to the rules set out by the Swiss self-regulation organisation “Verein zur Qualitatssicherung von Finanzdienstleistungen” (in English: “The Financial Services Standards Association”).


Please read the following legal notice / terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) carefully before accessing the website of Cryptobunq as these Terms form a contract between you and Cryptobunq. These Terms govern your access and use of our Services. “Services” refers individually and collectively to the Cryptobunq website, Cryptobunq platform, APIs, mobile applications (each, an Site”), and any software services provided by Cryptobunq, as well as all written or electronic materials including software, data, text, audio, video, images, photos, graphics, or other content (“Content”). These Terms refer to the individual or entity using the Service (including any component of the Service) as “you” or “your”. By accessing the Site or using the Services, purchasing Services, registering for an account with us, executing these Terms, or accepting an Order that references these Terms, you confirm that you have read and understood the Terms and agree to all of the Terms set out herein. If you do not understand, or do not agree to any of the terms contained in the Terms, please exit the Site of Cryptobunq or you may not use the Services.

Restricted access

The Site of Cryptobunq must not be accessed by any person subject to a jurisdiction (e.g., due to that person’s nationality and/or place of residence) in which publication of the content of the Site of Cryptobunq or access to it is prohibited for any reason. Persons to whom these restrictions apply are prohibited from accessing this Site.

No offer

Information and opinions published on the Site shall not be construed as any form of promotion, recommendation, inducement, offer, or solicitation to (i) purchase or sell any crypto currencies, (ii) transact any other business, or (iii) enter into any other legal transactions. Information and opinions published on the Site are provided for information purposes only. Services described may not be suitable for you or may be unavailable.

Prior to making investment decisions, investors should conduct a thorough investigation and obtain all necessary professional advice for all matters, including your eligibility to make such investment in terms of the applicable law.

No warranty and limited liability

Cryptobunq provides no warranty and makes no representations regarding: (1) the currency, accuracy, or completeness of the Content and the Site; (2) the results to be obtained by any user of the Site; or (3) any third-party content accessible on or through the Site. Except to the extent required by laws or regulations, Cryptobunq (1) disclaims all warranties and conditions; and (2) does not warrant that the Site, any content on the Site or its server will be uninterrupted or free from error, defects or harmful components. Any data or information accessible through the Site have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. All such information is provided “as is” to the user without warranties of any kind. The information and opinions in the Site are descriptive of Cryptobunq as a whole and the services described may not be available to or suitable for all investors. The fact that a user accesses the Site does not make him a client or eligible to be a client of Cryptobunq.

Any expressions of opinion, estimates and projections on the Site are those of the authors at the date of writing. They do not necessarily reflect the view of Cryptobunq and are subject to change at any time without prior notice. Any information marked with a date is published as of this date only and no obligation or responsibility is undertaken to update or amend any such information.

To the extent permitted by law, Cryptobunq disclaims all liability for losses arising as a direct or indirect result of (1) the content or any links or third-party content; (2) any errors in or omissions from the Site; (3) use of or access to the Site; (4) any inability to access or use the Site for any reason.

Intellectual property, copyright, and trademark rights

All components of the Site of Cryptobunq are protected by intellectual property laws and are the property of Cryptobunq or third parties. Users shall not acquire any rights, including rights in or to any software, trademarks, or components of the Cryptobunq Site, by downloading or printing any material from the Site. Copyright notices and trademarks may not be changed or removed. Components of this Site may not be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner or form (including electronic or printed form) without the prior written consent of Cryptobunq and unless full acknowledgement of the source is provided.

Users are not permitted to create hyperlinks or inline links from other websites to the Site of Cryptobunq without the prior written consent of Cryptobunq.

Third-party content

Reproduction and distribution of third-party content in any form is prohibited except with written permission of the third-party and of Cryptobunq. Any exclusion of warranty from Cryptobunq also applies to third-party content.

Potential conflicts of interest

Cryptobunq, its directors or employees may have previously worked, invested, may be currently investing, or may in future invest in cryptocurrencies in respect of which information or opinions are provided on the Site of Cryptobunq. It is also possible that Cryptobunq has previously provided, is currently providing, or will in future provide services to the platforms or issuers of such cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it is possible that employees or directors of Cryptobunq have previously performed, are currently performing, or will in future perform certain functions on behalf of the issuers of such cryptocurrencies.

Links to other websites

The Site of Cryptobunq may contain links to the websites of other providers and information supplied by such providers (“External Links”). Cryptobunq provides links to external websites in addition to its own information solely with a view to enhancing user-friendliness and providing information to users. Cryptobunq has no control over the content of such external websites and accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of the accuracy, reliability, completeness, truth, or currency of such material or its fitness for a particular purpose. Cryptobunq excludes all liability, including but not limited to liability for any direct or indirect loss or damage or any consequences that may arise out of or in connection with the use of content on external websites. Although linked sites are carefully selected, Cryptobunq has no control over the content of such sites. Accordingly, Cryptobunq accepts no liability in respect of the content of External Links, including in particular any content that is altered after the link was created. Cryptobunq is not responsible for transferring such information, selecting the information sent or the recipients thereof, or altering any information provided. Such External Links are not automatically stored by Cryptobunq on a temporary basis due to the method used for creating and accessing links. Operators of websites accessible through the External Links are therefore solely responsible for the content of linked sites.

Moreover, Cryptobunq gives no warranty that such websites or the contents thereof do not or will not infringe any third-party copyright, trademark, or other rights, or that such websites or the contents thereof are free of viruses or other harmful components. No warranty is given as to the authenticity of any documents available on the Internet.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions of Use

Cryptobunq reserves the right to change these Terms from time to time. Please read these Terms whenever you access the Site of Cryptobunq to ensure that you agree to the terms of any amended version. If you do not understand, or do not agree with any of the terms contained in the Terms currently in effect, please exit the Site of Cryptobunq.

Assignment and delegation

Both Cryptobunq and its legal successors and agents are entitled to rely on these Terms. Cryptobunq may assign any rights accruing to it under these Terms. Cryptobunq may also delegate its duties or assign any of its obligations under these Terms to third parties.

Applicable law / place of jurisdiction

Access to and use of the Site as well as the Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Swiss law, with Zug as the place of jurisdiction.

Please also read our Privacy Policy, which explains how personal information you provide to us will be used.