A Euro stablecoin: EURK

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EURK: A Euro stablecoin

Fully reserved, securely audited, 1:1 €uro-backed

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The most reliable stablecoin: EURK

Improve your digital currency and payment experience with EURK which is a Stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the euro, ensuring its value remains constant.

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Stable value & secure transactions with EURK

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Stability with EURK

EURK is a stablecoin 1:1 cpegged to the euro, ensuring that its value always remains same with euro. By safeguarding you against the unpredictable nature of cryptocurrency volatility, EURK provides a secure and reliable option for transacting, investing, and storing your wealth digitally.

Stability with EURK
Secure blockchain

Audited transparently

Secure blockchain

EURK, issued by Cryptobunq, is a reliable and trusted stablecoin. Cryptobunq holds the esteemed status of being a trusted SRO member. We prioritize transparency and accountability by subjecting ourselves to regular financial audits conducted by CFE Audit and smart contract audit conducted by Cyberscopes. To further enhance trust, you have the convenience of directly accessing the monthly attestation page on the EURK website.

EURK for everyone

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Whether you're a DEX (Decentralized Exchange), CEX (Centralized Exchange), institutional trader, part of the crypto ecosystem, or a business utilizing blockchain payment solutions, EURK provides a seamless payment experience. By leveraging EURK, all our services become faster and more cost-effective, enhancing efficiency across the board.

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%100 Euro backed

1 EURK = 1 EUR

EURK only exists when corresponding euros are in custody, ensuring EURK remains stable and reliable.

1 EURK = 1 EUR
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A Euro stable coin: EURK

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