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What Is Tokenization? How Does It Work?

Tokenization How Does It Work

Tokenization is at the forefront of the changes that have begun in traditional financial technology, and you may wonder, "What is tokenization? How does it work?". In today's digital technologies, coding and encryption are important security providers.

Transactions such as money transfers, investments, etc. are carried out through digital currencies in financial markets. The data encoding made available through the transaction in cryptocurrency technology ensures the security of transactions.

The primary purpose of data security is to combat theft due to cyberattacks. A new security definition called tokenization based on the blockchain system for transactions in digital currency technologies is emerging. Join us in this blog as we explore tokenization, how it works, its future, and more.

Tokenization can be thought of as identifying and securing objects of material value containing big data and encoding them as small data in digital terms. More secure services and transactions occur due to the tokenization process.

The benefits of tokenization include high transparency and security. In addition, control over the blockchain network largely belongs to users.

Since it is not controlled from a single location, the risk of breaking the disorganized system from a single location is also eliminated. The network structure ensures transaction security by minimizing the risk of error.

The main purpose of the tokenization process is to make the existing coding system more variable by making regular data changes. Thus, if the codes are broken in possible cyberattacks, the transaction code is renewed, and the attacks are responded to.

Tokenization works with the logic of blockchain technology by providing security-enhancing solutions for transactions. Blockchain technology works with the logic of establishing a data chain by minimizing data records for cryptocurrencies.

In data minimization processes, the tokenization process consists of sub-steps within itself. The data of the transactions is separated and converted into small data. The data generated during the process is minimized and stored in three definitions.

The first of the storage units is "character", the other is "word", and the last definition of data is expressed as "tokenized".


Does tokenization use the blockchain?

To tokenize an asset, you make a digital token with all of its information and digital rights linked in a way that can be programmed and is done automatically. Tokenized assets can include currencies, stocks, bonds, and even artwork.

As a digital record, blockchain networks keep track of who owns and moves tokens. Therefore, tokenization uses blockchain technology.

Blockchain's unique qualities include fast, safe, automated transactions that don't go through a middleman, traceability and transparency, and records that can't be changed.

These traits are important for businesses, governments, financial institutions, and the general public because they can help digitalization happen in many different parts of society.

What is the difference between tokenization and cryptocurrency?

Tokenization is the process of representing real-world assets like property or stocks as digital tokens on a blockchain, facilitating easier trading and asset management.

Cryptocurrency, on the other hand, is a digital currency used for online transactions and investments, independent of any physical object.

The key difference is that tokenization refers to the process of digitizing physical assets, while cryptocurrency refers to digital money. You can check "crypto coins vs crypto tokens" blog for more!

To sum up, tokenization is the process of connecting real-world assets to the digital world, whereas cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital money that can be used for making transactions online, such as cross-border payments, global payments, e-commerce payments, and more.

Stablecoins are types of cryptocurrency that provides stable value against price volatility. The EURK stablecoin offered by Cryptobunq is one of the most advantageous euro stablecoins. You can easily buy EURK and benefit from fast, easy, and secure payments online.

How does crypto tokenization work?

Since tokenization operations are carried out through services and transactions, it is necessary to define the token asset of the system for the transactions or services received.

Elements containing data that can be stored in transactions carried out through the crypto market are converted into tokens.

This way, the digital money market is designed with much more security measures. Among the elements that are digitally converted into tokens are works of art, stocks, and concepts with material value.

Assets converted into small amounts of data through tokenization processes can be sold as tokens. Tokensresulting from tokenization processes are effective for safe use as they contain much smaller amounts of data than fixed assets.

Tokens resulting from tokenization processes are created according to various economic assets. Tokens produced as coin tokens are widely used in payments for many purposes outside the cryptocurrency platform where they are created.

Other non-fixed-value, fungible assets created by tokenization are NFTs. Digital elements with tangible value created as tokenization contain coding elements that cannot be copied or changed.


Let's detail the crypto tokenization steps a little more. First, we must consider a concept in the classical economic market with a material value. The value to be defined can be stocks or real estate.

When tokenization is done, preliminary planning is made, such as which token to be traded on, platform selection, authorizations to be defined, and the number of units. As a result of the planning, transactions are carried out using the tokens put forward.

The next stage is to determine the smart contracts that set out the general legal obligations for the token created as a result of the execution of transactions within the determined plan.

Coding is the process of creating smart contracts using digital technologies. Brilliant contracts based on the blockchain technology's security network ensure faster transactions.

After the mutual parties approve the smart contracts, system registration is made to enter blockchain technologies to fulfill transaction security.

Crypto tokens created from system registrations can be used safely on solid ground regarding security and legal sense. In this way, investors can invest by purchasing the created tokens on appropriate platforms.

Why is tokenization the future?

Based on blockchain technology, tokenization aims to turn physical assets like real estate, rare metals, and art into digital tokens that can be traded and sold more easily. It can protect both traded and non-traded assets, make the market more flexible, and lower expenses.

Since 2001, this technology has changed in ways that have opened up new possibilities in a wide range of tech fields and improved transparency, immutability, and security.

Tokenization has a lot of promise in many areas, such as real estate, managing assets, and contracts. Check out this article to learn more about "real estate tokenization".

It lets more than one investor own a piece of a property, makes it easier for investors to get their share of the income, and gives real estate companies more cash flow.

Additionally, it can also be used to make contracts easier to handle by automating their execution and making sure that real-time obligations are met.

With an average growth rate of 19% per year, the tokenization market will grow from $2.3 billion in 2021 to $5.6 billion in 2025. Therefore, in the future, tokenization will continue to open up fresh opportunities.

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