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Smart Contracts in Blockchain Ecosystem: Types and Benefits

Smart Contracts in Blockchain Ecosystem

Smart contracts in blockchain ecosystem due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies are one of the most frequently heard concepts in recent years. We see that cryptocurrencies are at the center of our lives due to technological developments and the impact of the digital age.

For this reason, many details about cryptocurrencies are emerging. Blockchain is one of the first things that comes to mind with cryptocurrencies.

Apart from a digital ledger structure, it is found as a chain network that protects, stores, controls, and controls all transactions.

Blockchain technology acts as an accounting and control mechanism in cryptocurrency transactions. Therefore, it is possible to monitor the transactions of companies and keep them under control.

Blockchain introduces different concepts into our lives. One of these concepts is the blockchain smart contract. As the name suggests, it exists as a digital contract.

It is a contract between the buyer and seller on the blockchain. The conditions are found directly in the code line and have a self-executing system. It is of great importance for the control of digital promises and obligations.

Join us in this blog as we analyze the types, characteristics, benefits, and more of blockchain smart contracts for you. Let's start with a simple definition of smart contracts!

What is a smart contract in simple terms?

Smart contracts ensure the security of your transactions and keep them under control as digital contracts. It has a structure parallel to the contracting agreements made in the construction sector.

The purpose here is to determine the obligations of the two parties. The only difference is that it is made in a digital environment and covers cryptocurrency payments.

Since blockchain technology is available as a controller, the process is managed entirely with digital intelligence. It is one of the most important contracts because it reduces transaction costs and offers convenience.

The operation continues according to the condition of the agreement between sellers and buyers. This condition is found in a code system and stored in the blockchain.

If the conditions are met, the code becomes active. Therefore, the blockchain automatically activates the contract. Since it is formed by writing directly into lines of code, transactions can be easily monitored and controlled.

It is also very effective and useful in cases where one of the two parties does not keep their word and fulfill their obligations.

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blockchain smart contract

Different types of smart contracts, with examples

Smart contracts have a self-monitoring structure. If the contract is made with blockchain technology, blockchain becomes the experimenter here. It would not be wrong to say that the parties do not need to take any other action.

With the introduction of the right smart currencies, the system controls itself. They are important contract types to prevent situations such as corruption and fraud.

There are three main categories of smart contracts: smart legal contracts, DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations), and ALOs (application logic contracts).

While smart legal contracts are backed by the law, decentralized autonomous organizations are blockchain networks with established rules.

On the other hand, application logic contracts make it possible for several devices, including those connected to the Internet of Things, to communicate with one another.

To give an example, let’s take a seller doing e-commerce in France. When a wholesaler company in Spain and a company in France want to make crypto payments, they need smart contracts to ensure security. These two companies create certain obligations with the blockchain smart contract.

For another example, think about a buyer who agrees to pay a seller for goods delivered on a certain date, and there is a contract that sets out the price the buyer is going to pay. If either party fails to meet the requirements of a smart contract, the occurrence is recorded on the blockchain.

Therefore, the payments made with cryptocurrency are kept under control thanks to the smart contract, and the code algorithm is audited. Here, the control is completely within the blockchain.

What are the three major characteristics of smart contracts?

Smart contracts have better characteristics. Quality shopping emerges thanks to contracts that offer assurance to you and the other party in your transactions. For security in crypto transactions, smart contracts offer you three basic features.

Here are the three characteristics of smart contracts:

Reliability and no cost

Reliability is one of the most important details. In crypto transactions, attention is paid to the reliability of the buyer and seller.

Unfortunately, it should not be forgotten that there are malicious people and companies. Therefore, reliability will be ensured with the blockchain smart contract.

Automation and control mechanisms

The process is completed without situations such as manipulation and speculation. There is no dependence on any third party or institution. It is very advantageous to manage the process without being dependent on other people.

As mentioned above, the blockchain system will control and supervise the process. In this way, the audit is completed with a successful code system.


There is slowness in physical contracts. Additionally, it is necessary to mention that some delays are the result of formal institutions' approval and permission processes.

For this reason, the process will be much faster in digital transactions. If you are looking for a digital bank for cryptocurrencies, we must say that Cryptobunq is the right choice.

smart contracts

Why are smart contracts important, and what role do they play in blockchain?

As in many transactions, smart contracts serve to shape the procedure. More precisely, it plays an active role in determining the terms of the agreement. For this reason, it is one of the most important events for companies and shoppers.

Thanks to blockchain, it can be controlled by the functioning code system, and action is provided according to the obligations. It can be preferred in insurance, gaming, e-commerce, logistics, and all other sectors that come to mind.

It is important for smart contracts to work in harmony with blockchain technology. Blockchain technology, which has a supervisory mission in the digital environment, manages the process. It controls the code formation and questions the rights of both parties.

Blockchain acts as a judge and accountant in smart contract, with a simple example. It keeps the process under control by digitally managing the process like a lawyer. Therefore, it is a form of agreement that provides great convenience for companies.

They are reliable. Smart contracts are one of the situations we recommend to company owners due to their importance.

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Do stablecoins have smart contracts?

We see that smart contract types cover many cryptocurrencies. Stablecoin types are used in smart contracts. We often see that stablecoins, which are seen as a risk-free investment type, are preferred by people.

Since they are indexed to real currencies such as dollars and euros, they are frequently used in inter-company shopping, e-commerce payments, cross-border payments, global payments, and more. For this reason, stablecoins can be traded with smart contracts.

If you are looking for a crypto-friendly digital bank for crypto transactions, Cryptobunq is here for you. As a one-stop shop for crypto, you can rely on CBQ, especially for stablecoins.

How do you create a smart contract for stablecoins in the blockchain ecosystem?

Smart contracts are contracts in which the buyer and seller, or more precisely, the wishes of the two parties, are formed.

In the creation of a smart contract, the two parties prepare their requests and sign them digitally in cryptographic form. Then, the process is successfully completed by uploading the signed contract to the blockchain.

By following these easy steps, it is possible to create a smart contract for stablecoins or other types of cryptocurrencies in the blockchain ecosystem.

If you are a novice in this regard, you can get help from experts. Additionally, you can get help from a digital bank for transactions.

All you have to do is contact us. You can easily start to benefit from our services and adapt to the ever-changing global economy with blockchain technology.

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